DIGITUS Fttx Installation Kit, Pre-assembled, 4-Core, LC/APC connector, 50m

Product number: DN-948050
EAN: 4016032487098

Fttx - Installation Kit, 4-Core, LC connector 50 m, APC, NE4

The compact FTTH kit with preassembled fiber optic laying cable on one side is ideal for the installation of high-speed fiber optic connections within the house for the designated network level 4. The fiber optic laying cable is contained in a roll of car

  • Short installation time within the residential unit
  • FTTH drop cables are already assembled with LC/APC connectors on one side
  • The open end can simply be pulled in or laid to the house distribution unit
  • Surface mounting of the box for optimized, secured installation of patch cables
  • Integrated, undetachable laser protection on the LC / APC couplers
  • Stable pulling loop for pulling the cable into duct systems

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The growing requirement for extending Fiber networks into the home demands products that enable an easy and effecient installation to realize the network. The Digitus FTTH installation kit solution offers the possibility to easily extend and complete the fiber network inside the home. The easiness of installation comes from the fact that the product is delivered with all required components negating the requirement to individually look for components to make the installation. The termination outlet can be mounted at the designated location and making the connection to router is made easier as the LC/APC connectors are already included. The included fiber drop cable can then be pulled to make the connection to house transfer point which is mounted in building as the entry point for fiber network. It offers additional ports and splice options to meet requirement for scaling up the number of fiber connections.

Technical details

  • FTTH Wall Outlet :
  • Termination box for FTTH applications
  • 2x LC-APC duplex fiber optic coupler with shutter
  • Coupler shutter ensures laser protection and dust protection
  • Adapter Type : LC/APC Duplex
  • Adapter Capacity : 4 pcs
  • Dimensions (H*W*D) : 100 * 80 * 30 mm
  • Color : White
  • Weight : 75 g
  • Working Temperature : -40 - + 65 C
  • Material: ABS
  • FTTH Dropcable :
  • 4 fibers 9/125µm G.657A2 bend optimized
  • 900µm buffer, easily removable
  • Aramid strain relief
  • LSOH outer jacket, color white
  • Cable construction: I/A-V(Q(ZN)H
  • Short term Tensile strength : 200 N
  • Operation Temperature : 0 - +70C

Package content

  • Fttx Installation Kit, Pre-assembled, 4-Core, LC/APC connector, 50m
  • Mounting accessories (screws and bolts)

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