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DIGITUS Smart PDU, Input monitored, 1-phase, 32 A, 20 x C13, 4 x C19

Product number: DN-95624
EAN: 4016032473275

Inlet monitored PDU,vertical,32A,20xC13,4xC19 2x16A circuit breaker,3m cable,IEC309 32A plug

Optimal PDU solution with remote monitoring options for demanding IT requirements

  • Supports remote access via web, SNMP or Telnet
  • Monitoring of the input value
  • Configurable system with user-defined threshold value setting
  • Daisy chaining possible for up to 5 PDUs
  • 180 degree rotating HD display
  • Supports alarm functions
  • Monitoring of the rack environment with optional external sensors
  • Intelligent integration into the central system
  • Supports tool-free installation


The DIGITUS® Smart PDU offers you the option to remotely monitor the power, voltage, total energy consumption, total power and power factor at the input level. The limit value can be set for the total current and the alarm warns you about potential system overloads. Monitoring of the operating status is also enabled as well as for the current, energy and power at the circuit breaker level. This makes it possible to efficiently manage and distribute power. The device can be accessed and configured via web, SNMP and Telnet interfaces. With the option of connecting sensors, the unit can comprise a complete environment monitoring system to control the temperature, smoke, humidity and leaks in the racks. Up to five power strips which share the same network connection and IP address can be connected in series. Furthermore, the PDU can easily be integrated into the racks with tool-free installation options.

Technical details

  • Monitoring of input current / voltage / total energy consumption / total power / power factor
  • Monitoring of the operating status of the circuit breaker as well as the current, energy and power
  • Remote access method: Web interface, HTTP, HTTPS, SNMP (v1 / v2c / v3), Telnet and serial console
  • Daisy-chaining of up to five PDUs (including master device)
  • Multi-stage user access
  • Compatible with temperature/humidity/smoke/leak sensors
  • User-defined alarm: E-mail notification & alarm signal if threshold values are exceeded for total current, temperature / humidity
  • Standard system alarm: If the total nominal power is exceeded; if smoke, water or an open door is detected
  • RJ45 connections for Ethernet and serial communication
  • USB A port for WIFI access or software upgrade
  • Integrated circuit breaker, 2 x 16 A, hydraulic
  • Mains cable: 3 x 6.0 mm², IEC 60309 32 A plug
  • Cable: 3 m
  • Max. load: 8000 W / 250 V AC / 32 A (50/60 Hz)
  • Outlets: 20 x C13 outlet, 4 x C19 outlet
  • Output power: C13 (10A), C19 (16A)
  • 180 degree rotating HD display
  • Dimensions (LxWxD): 1850 x 56 x 52 mm
  • Temperature range (operation / storage): 0 °C to +45 °C/ -20 °C to +70 °C
  • Humidity range (operation / storage): 5% - 95% RH / 5 - 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Maximum height above sea level (operation / storage): 0 - 3,000 m / 0 - 15,000 m
  • Color: Black
  • Protection type: IP44

Package content

  • 1 x Smart PDU, input monitoring, 1-phase, 20 x C13, 4 x C19, 3 m cable IEC 60309 32 A plug

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