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Fancy Motorized Screen, 411,4 cm (162"), 362 x 226,3 cm, 16:10

Diverse Fancy Motorized Screen, 411,4 cm (162"), 362 x 226,3 cm, 16:10

Product number: GV-FC-MI-3620X2263
EAN: 6939982399694

"Motor Leinwand,411,4cm (162")" 362,0x226,3cm, 16:10


The motorized projector screens in the Fancy Series are available in a variety of formats in 1:1, 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratios. They can be controlled with an IR remote control or an RS232 / RS485 connection via an RJ12 interface and manually via the push buttons on the chassis. The screens are designed for wall and ceiling mounting as well as suspension from the ceiling. The motor limitation (up, down movement) of the projection screen is set manually with the enclosed tool. New design elements such as the screwless design of the end caps and the patented spring-loaded mechanism for asmooth up and down movement of the screen ensure that the Fancy Series products integrate seamlessly into any interior design.

Technical details

  • Diverse mounting options - Suitable for either floating wall mounting, ceiling mounting or ceiling hanging, all installation material is included in the delivery
  • Control Options - IR remote control, RS232 and RS485 control via RJ12 port, dry contact control, 3V - 12V trigger control or central push button control on the enclosure - With GV-DC239, a RF remote control set is available (not included here)
  • Electric wiring - Direct connection to the mains (AC 220-230V / 50-60Hz) or to a standard power cable (not included)
  • Adjust the up / down motor limitsetting for the fabric by using the adjustment screw on the left down area of the electric motor
  • Durable fabric with four layer structure including Fiberglass with a stretchness of <1% - Resolution of more than 125 line pairs per mm, for perfect sharpness - Accurate colours due to even distribution of the reflected light - High contrast, great colour