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Fixed Frame Remarkable Screen, 177,8 cm (70"), 150,4 x 94 cm, 16:10

Diverse Fixed Frame Remarkable Screen, 177,8 cm (70"), 150,4 x 94 cm, 16:10

Product number: GV-LF-WB70
EAN: 6939982391087

"Rahmenleinwand,177,8cm(70")" Beschreibar, 150,4x94,0cm


The state of the art Remarkable screen has a unique dry erasable matte white surface coating that can be written on with a non-permanent marker and also ensures a hot-spot-free image reproduction with a high gain factor and wide viewing angles. The remarkable ccreen consists of double-layer steel panels, sandwiching an aluminum honeycomb layer, ensuring an ideal, rigid and ultra-flat surface. The screen further is magnetic, fire retardant, water resistant and mold resistant. Mechanical: Enclosure Aluminium/Steel Additional: Safety: CE,FCC Color: White

Technical details

  • Remarkable screen with a surface that can be written on using a dry-erase marker - 120° viewing angle and 1.2 gain for perfect picture reproduction, ultra thin and aesthetic design, ideal for boardrooms, classroom and any collaboration space
  • Aluminum honeycomb structure inside the board, sandwiched by two super-flat steel sheets making the surface perfectly flat, though lightweight and strong - Specially designed to use with interactive short-throw projectors, thus a perfect solution for scho
  • All in one solution - With the stream-lined aesthetic design it simplifies and decorates your wall for presentation and further functions as an analogue whiteboard
  • Small 10mm edge width and only 1.8mm edge to surface ratio - Featuring an adjustable mounting bracket with a fireproof, enviromentally friendly, anti-mold, waterproof, washable, hot-spot free screen design
  • Comes with an accessory kit including marker and marker tray for the whiteboard