DIGITUS Color clips for Patch cable - Yellow

Product number: A-CC-Y
EAN: 4016032491033

Color clips for RJ 45 cable color yellow, 100 pcs. pack

Color clips for patch cable offer an efficient way to manage and identify cables in networking systems. They contribute to a well-organized, and easily maintainable infrastructure.

  • Easy Identification: The use of different colors allows for quick and easy visual identification of cables, reducing the likelihood of errors during installation, maintenance, or troubleshooting.
  • Organizational Efficiency: Color-coded boots help organize and improves overall cable management and reduces confusion in complex networking environments.
  • Error Prevention: the chances of connecting cables incorrectly are minimizedand improves reliability and stability of the network.
  • Quick Troubleshooting: During maintenance technicians can swiftly identify and trace specific cables
  • Scalability: New cables can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure without disrupting the entire system.
  • Usuability: the versatility of these color clips, designed to be easily used on both sides of the patch cable for seamless and comprehensive cable identification.

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Color-clips for patch cables simplify cable identification in networking. These boots, available in various colors, help organize cables based on their functions or destinations. This enhances efficiency, reducing the likelihood of errors during installation and maintenance. Quick troubleshooting is facilitated, as technicians can easily identify and trace specific cables. Additionally, the standardized color-coding system supports scalability, allowing for the seamless integration of new cables as networks expand. Beyond functionality, the use of color-coded boots contributes to a professional and organized appearance in networking environments.

Technical details

  • Color: Yellow
  • AWG 24/7 - 27/7
  • Compatibility: CAT 5e - CAT 6A patch cables
  • Material: PVC
  • RJ45 boot
  • 100 pcs. Yellow color


Packaging Unit Carton 100 3,00 24,00 30,00 36,00 25.920,00
Packaging Unit Inside 1 0,03 12,00 10,00 2,00 240,00
Packaging Unit Single 1 0,03 12,00 10,00 2,00 240,00
Customs tariff number: 3926909700