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Video connection ports
HDTV Resolution max.
Number of monitors
Monitor weight (max.)
Mounting method
TV-Cart for screens up to 70", max. 50kg wheelbase, VESA max. 600x400
Item No.: DA-90370
TV Cart with shelf 37-70", black
Item No.: DA-90447
TV Cart, 70-120" 140 kg max., black
Item No.: DA-90452
Full Motion TV Wall Mount 37-80", 60 kg load max.
Item No.: DA-90454
Click & Present Pro - BYOD Collaboration System HDMI, 2x TX, 1x RX
Item No.: DS-55317
Wireless HDMI Extender Set, 50 m Dongle, 1 to 1, Full HD
Item No.: DS-55318
Wireless BYOD Presentation System, 50 m 16 to 1, Full HD
Item No.: DS-55319
Wireless HDMI Transmitter (TX) additional unit for DS-55319
Item No.: DS-55320
Wireless HDMI Transmitter (TX) additional unit for DS-55317
Item No.: DS-55322
4K Wireless HDMI Extender Set, 30 m HDMI - HDMI
Item No.: DS-55323
4K Wireless AV Extender Set, 30 m USB-C - HDMI
Item No.: DS-55324
4K All-in-One Video Bar, Set ePTZ, AI, 4x mic/1x speaker, 1x table mic
Item No.: DS-55580
4K All-in-One Video Bar ePTZ, AI, 2x mic/1x speaker
Item No.: DS-55581