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USB-C Products
USB3.0 to SATAII + 3.5" IDE Adapter Cable Power Supply (12V/2A) included
Item No.: DA-70325
USB 3.0 to SATA3 Adapter Cable 1.2M including Power Supply
Item No.: DA-70326
SATA Adapter Cable USB Type-C to SATA III, chipset: NS1068X, 5Gbps
Item No.: DA-70327
Mounting KIT: Dual SSD/HDD 2.5 -> 3.5 BAY Incl. Mounting Frame, Metal Black, Screws
Item No.: DA-70431
SSD/HDD SATA Enclosure 2.5" USB2.0, for SATA II HDD 2.5", Alu, w/o PSU
Item No.: DA-71104
USB3.0 2.5Ê SATA SSD/HDD enclosure with aluminium housing
Item No.: DA-71105-1
SSD/HDD SATA Enclosure 3.5" USB3.0, for SATA III HDD 3.5", Alu, w/o PSU
Item No.: DA-71106
2nd SSD/HDD SATA Notebook Caddy for 2.5" SATA I-III SSD/HDD, 12.7mm
Item No.: DA-71109
SSD Enclosure, M2 USB3.0, M.2 (NGFF), B-Key, Chipset: ASM1153E
Item No.: DA-71111
SSD/HDD SATA Enclosure, 2.5" USB3.0, for SATA HDD 2.5", Chipset:JMS578
Item No.: DA-71114
USB Type-C 3.1 External SSD Enclosure M.2 (NGFF) B-Key, alu housing, black, chipset: JMS580
Item No.: DA-71115
2,5" SATA HDD Enclosure M.2 or mSATA SATA 3 6 Gbit/s, write speed up to 520 MB/s
Item No.: DA-71118
USB Type-C 3.1 External SSD Enclosure M.2 (NVMe) tool-free, alu housing, M-Key or B+M-Key
Item No.: DA-71120
SATA Docking Station USB3.0, 2-port, 2.5"/3.5" SSD/HDD, clone function
Item No.: DA-71540-1
NVMe Clone station USB3.1 Gen2 type-C NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure
Item No.: DA-71545
NVMe Docking Station USB3.1 Gen2 type C NVMe and SATA combo SSD docking
Item No.: DA-71546
NVMe/SATA Docking Station USB3.2 Gen2 type C NVMe and SATA SSD docking
Item No.: DA-71547