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CAT 5e Modular Coupler, unshielded RJ45 to RJ45, color white
Item No.: AT-A8/8
Modular Coupling, 8P8C, 1:1 shielded CAT6, metal housing
Item No.: AT-AG8/8C6S
CAT 5e, 2x 1:1, patch cable adapter, shielded 2x RJ45-socket to 1x RJ45-Plug, length 0.19 m
Item No.: AT-AGCX2
CAT 5e Modular Coupler, shielded RJ45 to RJ45
Item No.: DN-93901
CAT 5e patch cable adapter, 2x CAT 5e, shielded PC-PC, 2x RJ45 female to 1x RJ45 male, 0.19 m
Item No.: DN-93904
CAT6A modular coupler, full shielded RJ45 to RJ45
Item No.: DN-93905
CAT 6 STP industrial bulkhead coupler, IP67 with dust cap
Item No.: DN-IND-C6-C