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LSA-Plus Punch Down Tool with Sensor
Item No.: A-LSA-K
Universal Stripping Tool for multiconductor cable, up to AWG 24
Item No.: DN-94001
Terminal Block Pressing Tool for Type 110
Item No.: DN-94003
Multi Modular Crimping Tool, suitable for 4P2C 4P4C, 6P4C, 6P6C, 8P8C, incl. stripper and cutter
Item No.: DN-94004
pliers, cutting area 9.45 mm hole for precise and easy cutting, comp. design, ergon. handle (ye)
Item No.: DN-94014
Network Tool Set, LAN Tester, Crimping Tool, Cut and Stripping Tool, Punch Down Tool, Bag
Item No.: DN-94022
Cable Roller, 600x400x100 mm
Item No.: DN-CR-001
LSA Punch Down Tool
Item No.: DN-LSA-PT