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DIGITUS Wall Mounting Cabinet 254 mm (10") - 312x300 mm (WxD)

Product number: DN-10-12U
EAN: 4016032474241

254 mm (10") 12U wall mounting cabinet 592x312x300 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)

The DIGITUS® Professional Wall Mounting Cabinets are made for high demand IT-Infrastructure Solutions - designed and developed on highest standard in Germany

  • The small 10" network wall housing stands out with its compact dimensions and full functionality for organized IT cabling - Ideal for home or small office environments
  • A lockable glass door protects the office or home network against unauthorized access, yet still enables visual inspection of the internet router, NAS server or network switch
  • Optimal integration into building cabling - Thanks to the cable entries in the floor and roof, power cables and network cables can be introduced into the mini-rack either from below or from above
  • The profile rails can be moved into 2 different positions - The steel housing can be connected to the potential equalization of the building cabling via the grounding bolt
  • For the 10-inch form factor (254) mm, various IT components are available such as patch panels, LAN & PoE switches, socket strips and cable management solutions and shelves from DIGITUS


The 254 mm (10”) wall mounting cabinets are made of a robust steel sheet construction. Cable entry openings on top and base side provide the best possibilities for cable management in a compact area. With its overall compact design this enclosure is ideal for current IT and telecommunication applications, especially in narrow areas or private households.

Technical details

  • Safety class rating IP20
  • Lockable safety-glass door
  • 200° door opening angle
  • 1-point-locking-mechanism on the front door
  • 254 mm (10") profile rails mounted on the front side inside of the cabinet, galvanized
  • 254 mm (10") profile rails are adjustable in depth
  • 1.1 - 1.5 strong sheet steel with a high loading capacity, powder coated
  • Cable entry with brush strip on the top and with plastic cover on the base
  • Ventilation slots for active and passive ventilation and exhausting
  • Equipment mounting depth max.: 240 mm
  • Cabinet type: Wall mounting cabinet
  • Color: light grey, RAL 7035
  • Depth: 300 mm
  • Front door: Glass door, single opening
  • Load capacity: 30 kg
  • Units: 12
  • Width: 312 mm
  • IP protection class: IP20
  • Mounted: yes

Package content

  • Installation set (screws, cage nuts, washers)

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Packaging Unit Carton 1 12,00 35,00 34,00 65,90 78.421,00
Packaging Unit Inside 1 12,00 35,00 34,00 65,90 78.421,00
Packaging Unit Single 1 12,00 35,00 34,00 65,90 78.421,00
Customs tariff number: 9403208000


Cable Management
Cable management ring, steel, 80 x 80 mm front opening, central fixation
Cable management ring, steel, 80 x 120 mm front opening, central fixation
Cable management ring, steel, 80 x 80 mm front opening, offset fixation
Velcro Tape, 20 mm wide for structured cabling, 10 m roll, color black
Cable management ring, steel, 80 x 120 mm front opening, offset fixation
254 mm (10") 0.5U cable brush management panel 22x254x12 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
Cable management ring, steel, 80 x 80 mm side opening, offset fixation
Cable management ring, steel, 80 x 120 mm side opening, offset fixation
Power Distribution Units
1U Aluminum PDU, 254 mm (10") rack mount 3x safety outlet, 16A, 4000W, 250VAC 50/60Hz
Patch panel
CAT 6A Patch Panel, shielded, 12-Port label field, 1U, 10" rack mount, grey RAL 7035
CAT 5e patch panel, unshielded, 12-Port RJ45 8P8C, LSA, 1U, 254 mm(10"), bl, 482x44x109 mm
CAT 6, Class E patch panel, shielded, 12-port RJ45 8P8C, LSA, 1U, 254 mm(10")Rack Mount, grey
CAT 5e Patch Panel, unshielded, 8-port RJ45, 8P8C LSA, 1U, 254 mm(10")Rack Mount, bl, 482x44x109
CAT 6 patch panel, shielded, 8-port RJ45 8P8C, LSA, 1U, 254 mm(10") Rack Mount, grey
CAT 5e, Class D patch panel, shielded,12-port RJ45 8P8C, LSA, 1U, 254mm(10")Rack Mount, grey
254 mm (10") 1U fixed shelf 44x254x200 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
254 mm (10") 1U fixed shelf 44x254x150 mm, color grey (RAL 7035)
10" Network-Switches
L2 managed Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch 8-port PoE, 10 inch, 80W PoE budget
Gigabit Ethernet Switch 16-port, 10 inch, unmanaged
L2 managed Gigabit Ethernet Switch 8-port, 10 inch
LED lighting, compact, magnetic, sensor turnable magnet fixing, incl. power adapter
M6 installation screw set, 50 pieces 50x silver screws, cage nuts and washers
Potential equalisation bar, 220 mm 6 connection points, incl. earthing leads
Blanking Panels
1U blank panel, 10 inch 45 x 255 x 10 mm, grey (RAL 7035)
Patch panel (Keystone)
Modular Patch Panel, shielded, 12-Port Blank,1U,254mm (10") Rack Mount, grey RAL 7035